Ray’s Poetry

I will be publishing some poetry about the tradesmen of our lives and some deep thought lines also in the near future.

Here is one of my many real life poems, be it funny on funny.

A Cartoonists (Daft) Description

By: Ray Boudreau

With pen in hand to roast or toast,

Cartoonists cannot be trusted, that is a fact, not a boast.

Portrayals with intentions to strike comedic laughter,

Catch their eye and it is you they will go after.


In the characters they blithely portray,

Victims, like puppets, are easily splayed.

Leaders of allĀ  makes and modes,

Can be made to look like some kind of toad.


Most targets are male denizens of every bloke,

But even the ladies can be given a sly poke.

People, some with large heads and tiny commodities

Showing that they are not physically adept, just bodies.


With pictures and frames that evoke a thousand words of fun,

Laughter and light hearted fun are the cartoonists tools of pun.

For if we cannot see what these drawers’ of wit display,

Then we are all led by the noses,… by those in dismay.


With drawings of real life, portraying momentous situations in times,

These funny draftsmen can point out a real world ‘Frankenstein’.

Mostly bad guy and girls are made the fools,

Even the good guys can be made out to be real tools.


Being skewered by another one’s pen,

Can be to out ‘angst’ in one and make total chagrin.

Their portrait lines give comedic relief to multitudes and masses,

To which the cartoonist happily ‘in’ cashes.


On a serious note, cartoonists are not here to get our goat,

But to ask people not to be so serious, have fun and not gloat.

They pen us to look in at ourselves, with our faults and misgivings,

Asking us to try to be happier and have elated thanksgivings.


To be kind to all, with fun mostly in mind,

If cartoonists could, all would be made unblind,

Showing the funny differences of our cultural ways,

Trying to keep the human race friends all of these serious days.


Some drawings enrage us to our total dismay,

Probably showing ninety percent of what we’ve been trying to hide anyway.

Truth be known to all cartoonists themselves, in a way, are daft,

Always the devil inside urging them on to ply their craft.




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