About the Series

Earth’s middle latitudes has become a roiling hot house global desert. Countries have dissolved and disappeared. The people of Earth, to survive, have come together in six regional alliances. There is no more war but the Earth Alliance Government executives have promoted the futuristic game of Alliance Major League Baseball to keep the surviving populace of Earth engaged and entertained with the game’s enhanced atheleticism and savagery for all to openly see. The rules of baseball have drastically changed to allow for violent play on the field.

There are four normal young boys at the centre of this sports fantasy that play Junior Alliance Baseball (Soft Rules Baseball) together in the minor leagues. They mature into deadly Major League Baseball Players. Dean Luthbert, Lenny Peecheh, Ray A.Tenner (the Rat) and Boisie Wallers all get drafted to different Earth Alliance teams where they eventually meet in a Major League Alliance World Series final game.

An incident off of the field of play out in the great global desert dunes results in Dean’s brother Boisie’s death. Dean blames Boisie’s death on Ray and pursues Ray throughout the game of Alliance Baseball, to kill him on the baseball field, to avenge his brother’s death. Lenny Peecheh is Ray’s best friend. Lenny has a vested interest in protecting Ray from Dean. In an all or nothing final World Series Baseball game the truth of Boisie’s demise is revealed in the savage way the boys play against each other. A must read for fantasy sport and sci-fi genre readers.





Stay tuned for more adventures of Ray ‘the rat’ Tenner in my second book, An Incandescent Hardness.

The Diamainium Nova Series story ‘An Incandescent Hardness’ is set in man’s far future. Long after his mindless warring turmoil’s some of man’s races and regional countries have come together in ‘Six Regional Alliances’ in mutual friendships because their survival greatly depends on it.  A super nova event, that occurred 168,000 years ago called SN-1987A, has had two large luminescent objects orbiting around the bright center in the glowing rings around the nova remnant in a specific way. An ever expanding glowing energy ring that has come from the progenitor star, as it puffed up, that surrounds the nova remnant is a source of danger in this story.

Now a retired futuristic baseball star, Ray Aloysius Tenner, (the Rat) turned scientist/ships commander because of sport related retiring injuries from futuristic baseball, thinks he and his long time companion, Ian Shelton the 23rd, have found a way to retrieve these ‘orbiting objects’ around 1987A. The exotic metal ‘Diamainium’, found on Earth in micro tiny amounts, is thought to be there in abundance and  Ray Tenner wants to get to it before anyone else.  ‘An Incandescent Hardness’ is a story of wanting courage and defiance by the people that have the guts to venture near 1987A and upstage the greedy Earth Alliance Council political renegades. These truly brave members that are trying to save the Earth are the heart of this story.

Ray and Ian don’t know exactly what these objects are, but they have the ear of a political insider of the Alliance Government who will supply Ray and his team of  ‘techs’ with a galactic ship, the tools and power to get to these mystery objects that are at 1987A and retrieve them. Accompanying Ray are Nina Cutoff (Ray’s second officer, Oscar Duhalde (Pilot extraordinaire), John Ignatius Germane. Stehl (Jigs) a Stem Cell Engineer and Bill Hill (Hillbilly) Ray’s protector/science officer. They are the indispensable supporters of Ray who, more than once, get him out of trouble in their ventures with him.

Rat, Cuts, Hillbilly, Jigs and Ozzy feel they are dedicated to the cause of Earth’s extended survival. Great natural changes have ensconced it self on the Earth. Our globe has become super warm. Great swaths of land, from tropics to tropics, have literally turned to dust and desert. No organic matter survives in the global desert except the giant sand lizards brought in from another star system. These huge sand lizards are responsible for making the giant trees, surrounding the global deserts, grow three times as high as any other tree on Earth. These high trees keep the deserts in check and contain the blowing sand. The great global desert that exists now makes the Mojave, the Great Australian and Sahara Deserts look like back yard sand boxes. The desert covers in whole seas, rivers and forests like the Mediterranean Sea, the great rain forests of the Amazon and African jungles. The ever blowing sands extend landmasses, like the upper western part of Africa at the equator, hundreds of miles out into the ocean, westward, towards the old North America. The Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic have become warm and habitable zones. People live there comfortably.  There is no natural ice or snow left on the surface of the Earth. Hundreds of millions of people have had to move north and south to get away from the climatic calamity of the deserts. Man has had to improvise and move if he wanted to survive the expanding deserts.

Earth’s sport of pleasure and past time now is a futuristically re-designed game of baseball, set in all of its majestic, but savage electronic wizardry. Ray’s life rebounds due to his physical challenges, from Alliance baseball, when a genetic engineer (medical doctor designation), who goes by the moniker name of ‘Jigs’, saves him.

Ray then pursues his other life’s passions like inter-stellar travel and the transportation of goods to and from Earth. Ray teams up with Ian Shelton the 23rd, who’s been studying ways to try and recover the objects of his scientific research in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Ray’s interest’s peak when Mr. Shelton tells him what he’s after. They go out to the LMC but their first trip ends in disaster and they barely scrape themselves back to Earth. They are scorned for their returning ‘empty handed’ and giving what sounded like weak excusing stories. Because of the down trodding from the World Alliance’s Corporates, Ian and Ray keep to themselves their secret of SN-1987A. Others are watching them closely and will want to take away their prized secrets.

They go on a second venture and this is where this novel picks up their story, of this  journey out to the Large Magellanic Cloud.

In the ‘Large Magellanic Cloud’, where a puzzling discovery is to happen, there is an event about to unfold that has been on going since the 1987A’s nova’s happening was recorded in 1987 and this has been happening for over one hundred and sixty eight thousand years. The two bright objects circling the nova’s central remnant made by the nova’s calamity have been studied for centuries by Earth to try and reveal their mysteries. Ian Shelton has made Super Nova 1987A and the super nova remnant his life’s work. Pouring over information gathered on 1987A, on their next trip out to it, Ian thinks there is a finality going to occur and he wants to be there when 1987A gives up its treasure, what ever it is!

‘Beld’ is a featured name to look for in this fictional novel of ‘An Incandescent Hardness’. Beld stands for a ‘bio executive learning designate’ that has sentient trickery up its robotic circuits that have some wondering whether Beld can hold to its long history of running a planet and have one believe stories of ancient beginnings and truths of the race that caused SN-1987A.

Others from the Earth Alliance Governments like Ricardo Narzani and Collin Bendshaw are also interested in 1987A and in what Ray and Ian are looking for. The Daimainium metal, if controlled by one person, would upset the balance of power between Alliances and plunge Earth into mindless war and dictatorship again after hundreds of years of peace and harmony.

Pamela Jay, who is an Alliance Executive member, is the buffer Ray and Ian need to get started again on their adventure out to the Large Magellanic Cloud. Be sure, in this epic novel of adventure that someone will come out with the prize at our galactic edge!

Read on, there is a saga unfolding here only the ‘Sci-Fi’ fan can comprehend!


Regards: ‘Themondo 13’